October 2020 Brings Two Full Moons: Harvest Moon & Hunter's Moon- Rare blue moon to brighten night sky this Halloween

September 22, 2020

Don't miss the opportunity to look up into the night sky for the bigger and better than ever No tricks and All treat "Full Harvest Moon"  And Rare Blue Hunter Moon on Halloween This October! A big bright welcome to Autumn 2020. 


History of a full harvest moon and hunter (Rare Blue Moon) 

Mark your calendars

The first of October’s full Moons rises on Thursday, October 1st. October’s second full Moon rises on Halloween Saturday, October 31st.





October 1st is the full Harvest Moon, This name is given to a full moon in either september or october for the first full moon after mabon/ autumn equinox! The Harvest Moon does typically occur in September, taking the place of the Full Corn Moon. However, it occasionally lands in October instead, replacing the Full Hunter’s Moon, however, this year the full hunter moon will land on October 31st (as the second moon of the month) The harvest moon is the time of the year to harvest crops, gardens and prepare gardens for the winter season. 


October 31st is the Full Hunters Moon/Blood Moon Rare Blue Moon (In the US) "the Hunter’s Moon relates directly to the Harvest Moon, The Hunter Moon happens after the harvest full moon which can land in September, October or November.  Other Names for this moon include the Blood Moon, The Dying Grass moon, the Travel moon and falling leaves moon, Named by the Native Americans as the travel moon indicates moving from one area to another based on the weather changes. The full moon of Oct 31st this year is called a "rare blue moon"because it's second full moon in a calendar month. 


Rare Blue- Blood Full Moon on Samhain/Halloween 2020


October’s second full Moon lands on Saturday, October 31, making Halloween night extra special this year. 


The October Full Moon lands directly on Samhain, or "the Witches’ New Year", on October 31st. The hunter moon/blood blue is the first full moon after the harvest moon, a to reap what you've sown in previous months of the physical, emotional and spiritual.  The October hunter moon marks the end of the growing season and the preparations of  upcoming winter months.Herbs are dried for winter storage, fruits and vegetables are canned and preserved, and root vegetables are dug up and stored. The word “Samhain” comes from the old Irish and is thought by many to translate as “Summer’s end.” Many Wiccans and other Pagans consider This to be the most important day on the Wheel of the year. This is a time when"the veil between the spirit world is at its thinnest" known for being the perfect time for divination and getting in touch with your intuitive side. Don't forget the sage or your favorite cleansing herbs!



Two full moons in one month symbolism 

intense energy, Enthusiasm, Bold, Creative Flow, Positive Change and a Fresh Start.October  2020 has us making positive changes, Increased spiritual and personal growth, abundance and a major creative, intuitive boost. 


Sage Smudging/ Cleansing 


"Once in a blue moon" there's a second full moon in October on Halloween!This will be a Magical time of not only for embracing the new year of removing negativity, negative habits and purification for some,  but an eventful time  with a scenic treat  on halloween for everyone.




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October 2020 Brings Two Full Moons: Harvest Moon & Hunter's Moon- Rare blue moon to brighten night sky this Halloween

September 22, 2020

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