10 Ways to Inspire Your Spiritual Side

March 25, 2020


Inspiring your spiritual side and opening yourself up to what’s going on at a spiritual level can help you become calmer, stronger and more in-tune with yourself

Below I've listed a few inspirational tips involving personal growth and spiritual development.





1. Burn Your favorite Herbs 



Burning your favorite herbs not only will leave your sacred space with a lovely, earthy scent, but it will boost your mood and draw in the much needed positive energy. 

Cleansing/Smudging ideas 

-Entire house including laundry room and windows 


-New and used items (gifts)


-Divination tools 



2.Spend time in nature



Feeling drained and not very motivated by the energy shifts lately?When this happens, one of the best ways to reconnect is to get outside. You don’t have to carve out a ton of time to go out and be by yourself in nature, even just 10-15 minutes of walking in the park can really help to reconnect you to your spiritual roots. 


 3. Divination


Stay inside and learn something totally new whether that’s reading tea leaves or another new form of divination, or a technique you’ve never tried before, get out of your comfort zone and find something that makes you feel excited again! Learning tarot, runes, or other ways of divination is a unique and mysterious adventure. If you're already a reader, try reading about tarot, runes etc from a new perspective by getting a new book or new set of cards.



4. Burn your favorite candles 


Candles and meditation is a wonderful mix. Try positive affirmations. Lighting candles may help create a positive and peaceful atmosphere and help raise your vibration.In just  30 seconds you can pause, breathe in an intention that you want for your day and breathe negativity surrounding you.



5. Make a new craft 


From woodworking, wood burning, painting, poetry, jewelry  and more. Setting a time and day away to work on a spiritual empowering craft can be both amazing and uplifting. Being hands on is inspiring within it'self.


6. Chakra Balancing Bath



 You may want to consider having a weekly chakra bath/ Meditation. This a great way to cleanse your aura and balance your chakras (the major energy centers of your body). Chakra balancing baths include soaking in water that's been vibrationally enhanced with gemstones, essential oils and herbs can benefit your skin, remove negative energy and create a calm atmosphere. Bath meditation, is as simple as positive affirmations and focusing on your intentions, think "bring in the positives and remove the negatives" for around 10 mins . Color can influence mood, so consider using a colored light bulb in a relaxing hue. Candles are great additions to add a calming ambiance to your time, too, and playing soft music can help you relax.


7. Make a playlist! 



Music can be an amazing mood modulator. Creating a playlist of nothing but music that makes you feel really calm, relaxed and simply inspired! This can be a great way to jump-start your mood anytime you want to from Tibetan singing bowls and sound cleansing music.  


8 Meditation



Meditation helps many people calm their mind. And when your mind is calm, your intuition is clearer. 

There are different forms of meditation available. For the Hindus, they do yoga while chanting mantras. For the Christians, this is through prayer and Bible reading. For the Muslims, this is through praying five times a day. Many simple activities can be related to meditation. You can do some gardening while listening to songs that give you hope and comfort. You can simply find meaning to life by going to the woods and dwelling at the marvelous creations of the Supreme Being.  Regular meditation will help you in may ways, you will become healthier. Being spiritual may not be a cure to any disease, but it helps prevent many illnesses because it helps the person achieve inner peace and attain lasting joy. When we feel happy, not only does this raise our vibration but the immune system receives a boost as well!.



9. Stay in the present. Your journey is one of a kind 



 Some people have a spiritual awakening where they come to a sudden realization about their spirituality.A spiritual awakening can be a gradual process. Don't be hard on yourself if it doesn't happen all at once.Discovering your spirituality can be a lifelong journey.There are no right or wrong ways to discover, inspire or grow spirituality or live a spiritual life.Spirituality is very personal. Your spirituality is whatever you believe it to be. Staying in the present can inspire your spiritual side just by recognizing where you are on your own journey. 



10. Listen to what draws you in


There are no rules, it’s all about giving yourself time and going with what you've been drawn to.



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