The Eight Moon Phases and Their Effect On the Body and Mind

Each cycle of the moon has an entirely different and unique meaning. Greek philosopher Aristotle and Roman historian Pliny the Elder believed that because our brain was a “moist” organ, our minds were influenced by the pull of the moon in the same way the tides are.Scientifically speaking, the phases are dictated by the distance between the sun and the moon and the light visible on the moon from Earth and In astrology, the moon is considered female and we are affected by her pull — receding and renewing as often as the tides. The moon is both beautiful and unique! Below is a list of 8 common moon phases and their spiritual meanings.

1.New moon (New Beginnings)

The full moon or new moon signifies a fresh start and a time of retreat. It’s the time for new beginnings, where you gather your thoughts and plan. This is the time when you get to begin again on a clean slate. Use this time to recharge and give yourself a full reboot. Envision yourself as a wholly new being and mentally throw all the unwanted thoughts and stress into the trash. Unplug yourself and get some alone time and pay attention to your feelings and embrace them.

2. Waxing crescent (Set Intentions)

This is the time to get your spirit up and running high. It’s when you make plans and organize your life. The waxing moon is a representation of hopes, intentions, and wishes. You have now recharged from the new moon, and its time to plant your desires and intentions. Take this time to lay the mental groundwork for your next project, develop your intentions and start writing checks to the universe.

3.First Quarter (Action Time)

A week after the new moon, the first quarter moon appears, and your spirit starts to feel the struggle. Resistance forms and this is the time you start feeling the obstacles of achieving the goals you set during the new moon. This is, however, the time to focus on your growth, work harder than ever before. Be flexible at this time and stay focused on the set intentions all the time. Be ready to make decisions on the spot.

4. Waxing Gibbous (Refine and Align)

Things might not work as you had planned, and this is the time to revisit and edit. This moon phase helps you know and understand what to focus on. It’s the time to refine and align, and this means focusing on what deserves your energy. During this moon, the feeling of change is inevitable and don’t resist. It helps realize what to give up, reevaluate or change direction on.

5. Full Moon (Flourish and Bloom)

Also known as the harvest moon, this is the time when emotions can run high. It’s however, important not to get overly attached or emotional to anything during this moon. This is the time when the farmers harvest their crops, and you, on the other hand, should also be reaping the benefits of your intentions that you set during the new moon. This is the time to flourish and reap the rewards. Are you prepared for this? The rewards come in form of new opportunities or as results of the hard work done during the previous weeks.

6. Waning Gibbous (Introspect and Gratitude)

The themes during this phase are gratitude, enthusiasm, and sharing. You’re feeling the benefits of the hard work you put in the previous weeks, and you have an abundance of metaphorical crops. You can now see the outcomes of your previously set goals, and you are feeling full of love. It’s the time you feel so grateful, and you want to give back to the people around you now more than ever. Don’t go overboard with the sharing and gratitude feelings to avoid digging a hole in your wallet.

7.Last Quarter (Release and Let Go)

The themes during this phase are releasing, letting go, and forgiveness. Be ready to let go of stuff. You have been broken, angered, and hurt in many ways during the month. This is the time to let go of all negative feelings, grudges, and releasing all anger. The best thing to do during this phase is cleansing. Start with your apartment, closets, and friendships. It’s the time to get rid of anything that no longer serves you. All the unnecessary physical and emotional clutter you’ve accumulated has to go during this phase.

8. Waning Crescent (Rest and Recharge)

You have been through a lot, and its time to recuperate. You might be feeling empty during this time but it’s time to get ready for a new cycle. Surrender, rest and recover from all the things that have come and gone. Remember, some things will always be out of your control, and fate can’t be changed. Relax now and surrender to the universe ready to reset your intentions during the next moon phase.

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