It's getting near that time of the year again! Hints of Autumn, Spooky stories and old abandoned buildings! I wanted to share a story and history of a building i went to called " Eloise" for those that follow me may have heard of a dog called "Elly" Short for Eloise ... She's part of this story.

What exactly is Eloise?

A photo taken the day i visited Eloise

Well at first glance of this building in person, you're taken away by the vibes... Something definitely draws you in. Eloise is Considered by some as one of the most haunted places in America, the sprawling former health complex was named in the late 1800s after Eloise Dickerson, the only child of a Detroit postmaster.In addition to being a hospital, the complex included an asylum, sanatorium and cemetery."In places like psychiatric hospitals, jails, prisons, there's a lot of emotional energy that can stick around," Adkins, 28 of Garden City, said. "People go through a lot of challenging, hard situations when they are in places like that and sometimes the energy stays embedded." As noted in the Detroit free press.

The Faces of Eloise

Eloise operated from 1839 to early 1982. Starting out as a poor house and farm, it eventually developed into an asylum, sanatorium and hospital.

In its prime, Eloise consisted of 78 buildings on 902 acres of land with 10,000 residents. It was the largest psychiatric facility in the United States..The complex grew to about 10,000 residents at its peak during the Great Depression. Slowly over the next 40 years Eloise’s population decreased. The farm operations ceased in 1958 and some of the large psychiatric buildings were vacated in 1973. The psychiatric division started closing in 1977 with the last patients being transferred out in 1982 when the State of Michigan took over .Treatments of the psychiatric patients at the old Eloise Complex included Hydrotherapy, Shock Treatment, Electrocutive Shock Therapy, Lobotomies and Psychiatric Medications which in time many of the techniques used have proved to be highly ineffective and barbaric! 3,000 Unmarked graves have been Found at the Eloise Cemetery and counting.

Only 5 of the 78 buildings and the Eloise Cemetery remain. The firehouse, bakery, power plant, commissary and D buildings still stand as of February, 2019. The long-abandoned Eloise complex was sold last year for $1 to be turned into a mixed-use residential complex for low-income seniors and families as part of Wayne County's plan to rehab public property.

Interesting videos that I've found touring the inside and outside of the Eloise building.

A tour of the outside of the Eloise Complex. By Yankees outdoor ADV

A Tour of the inside of Eloise By Detroit EXP

There has even been a few books and even a movie made about Eloise. You can find the books and the movie on Amazon!

Elly Eloise

I went to Eloise to check out the vibes and came back with a new member of the family. I found Elly in the Cemetery area of Eloise Which is open for public viewing during certain months of the year. Elly has been working very hard with her training this past year. Currently she is 3 months seizure free after being diagnosed with epilepsy and she loves our "bonding time" nature walks. The photo above is from the day i found Elly and her 4 Leaf Clover.

Click on the photos to view more about Elly.

I've kept Ellys 4 leaf clover under "the sun" in one of my Tarot books.

Who is the Humane Society of the United States and ASPCA?

I want to personally shed light on a few places that i highly respect. The Humane Society and the ASPCA daily, takes in abused, neglect, abandoned and mistreated animals. The links added here go directly to the websites for the Humanes society of the united states and ASPCA .Please take moment to check out their websites and facebook pages!

For The ASPCA please follow this link: https://www.aspca.org/

For The humane society please follow this link:


A Big thank you to Nichols Vet Clinic for helping Miss Elly!

Last but not least, Thank you to all of the high quality care facilities for the beautiful work you do for those with mental disabilities! Especially to my mother who has worked as an RN in a wonderful care facility for many years! To the past treatment, of those beautiful souls of Eloise not be forgotten.

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