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Something fun🔮 Pick the card you are most drawn to. To reveal your card?., after picking the card, just simply scroll down to view the meaning of your card here.The Three Card Tarot Game, Besides being an intuition game , This type of tarot reading is a known and fun way to get to know the cards better as well.

Sage, Rose, Bay Leaf and Lavender Cleansing

Sage can be used to cleanse a deck of cards, before and after a reading as well!

tarot card reveals!

1. The Moon

Key Meanings: Unknown facts, emotions, dreams , artistic creativity boost, deep intuition , high energy

The mysterious moon is known for being "the light that shines through the darkness" as well as being upcoming facts coming your way, in the art, usually, the moon has two dogs and two towers, one dog is good, symbolizing good news , one dog is bad , symbolizing bad news... the moon being a light shining down on both aspects with a particular calm look, the art above shows the "cold" dog and the dog at peace. If you have picked 1 this card being a messenger of news on the way! The events may be good or bad however, the news will have a good and positive end result. The moon is associated with the astro sign Pisces, which brings on high energy and emotions as well as a good creative boost when it's needed most because the sign Pisces is known for "thinking outside of the box" this comes as good news for artistic types as well as for work related matters. This card is known as complex and hard to understand in most readings, however the moons advice is usually straight to the point, the moon represents a time to seek inward more than seeking outwards because your intuition is key and a time to close out options of others to find the best guidance as well. The moon in relationship focused questions is also pretty direct, the moon for singles being a unknown person will be coming into the picture soon as well as "unknown facts, unknown communications " More conversations are needed both for singles and for those with a particular love interest.. The moon being a push to get to know someone better and that starts with you.... For those in long standing relationships, the moon can represent an unknown event upcoming, unknown can be a vacation together, or simply something done together as a couple to make the bond of your relationship stronger. For work related focuses, the moon can represent a push of high energy coming your way , just when it's needed.... as well as a particular breakthrough...be careful of signing contracts signing anything! Make sure to read all of the facts before agreeing to anything - with this card! If you picked this mysterious card, Just know that the moons light is shining through the darkness and good positive energy is on it's way.

2. Two Of Cups

Key Meanings LOVE,in depth bond, new work, new ideas , contracts

The two of cups is also known as a lovers card! From meeting someone new or regaining a much needed bond. However, this card can also represent a new job, a new friend or even a change with work for the better. This card shows the beauty of uniting .. the unique and special meaning to this card can also represent a time where you can spend more time with your special "familiar" from planned time off work, vacation time, or just a time where you spend more time with your loved pet! A lovely lighthearted card, the two of cups represents love, creativity, inspirational moments and equally fulfilling partnerships. For love focused questions the to of cups represents a start to something beautiful, new union based on mutual attraction and with the two of cups, for long standing relationships, this is an upcoming time where you both will experience harmony and a mutual understanding. A strong bond and reconciliations. For business , The two of cups can be signing a contract for the better, starting a new job that you've been wanting and goals coming into play, this card is all about seeing results of your efforts and partnerships, new ideas but remember, creativity needs a rest from time to time, be sure to allow yourself time to relax, spend time with family, your love or your pets! Give yourself a much needed break when needed.

3. Queen of cups

Key Meanings: Intuition, guidance, Femininity, Spirituality, Insight , fertility and Success

The Cups Minor Arcana represents emotions. The queen of cups indicates love and compassion and symbolizes creativity, emotion, spirit, intuition and feelings. The Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages often times symbolizes a person, a loved one with guidance or even yourself or traits needed to be taken on! The Queen of cups is known as the "intuitive reader" Types, Psychics or those sensitive to energies with a message to listen to intuition. She seems relatable right? If you picked this card, the queen often symbolizes a time where a time to nurture a situation and emphasize and show compassion where it's needed. Have you been neglecting and procrastinating with a particular task? From relationships, to work to even cleaning out that cluttered closet is in need to get taken care of to gain better perspective and clarity over the entire situation.The Queen of the Cups doesn’t suggest you’ll be stuck where you are; but it stresses the need to face to move past a situation. The queen of cups is a good omen for creatives and artistic types as well she pushes you to draw on your imagination and unleash the best of your creativity and a time of trusting your heart and your inner guidance to lead you in the right path. With relationships, the Queen of Cups main message is "Love, love , love " and she serves as a reminder that your heart is always in the right place and the Queen of Cups is a positive sign if you want your relationship to progress to the next level, the queen can represent a friendship turning into a relationship or a relationship turning into an engagement or marriage She represents a time where intuition is needed as well, Others may come to you to confide their personal issues regarding relationships, emotions and feelings. They trust you and know that you always have the right solution,however, the queen brings out the emotional moderation when needed "don’t take on other people’s energy or emotional issues to an excess because this is a time to be well-grounded and create a healthy separation".. In a workplace focus, The queen of cups represents, that you have to put a more personal face on your business and let people see the person behind the operation.you need to draw your attention inwards and focus on your emotional well-being too however, TLC is needed with, the queen of cups You’re great at taking care of others – but now it’s time to find the time to take care of yourself. This card suggests that you are emotionally drained because you have been so busy supporting others, but not yourself...Plan a hotbath afterwork, plan a hike or nature walk this weekend! Time for yourself is needed.

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