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Something fun🔮 Pick the card you are most drawn to. To reveal your card?., after picking the card, just simply scroll down to view the meaning of your card here.The Three Card Tarot Game, Besides being an intuition game , This type of tarot reading is a known and fun way to get to know the cards better as well.

10 reasons to burn sage


Sage can be used to cleanse a deck of cards, before and after a reading as well!

tarot card reveals!

Queen of cups, Temperance and Strength

1. Queen of Cups

Key Meanings: Intuition, guidance, Femininity, Spirituality, Insight , fertility and Success

The Cups Minor Arcana represents emotions. The queen of cups indicates love and compassion and symbolizes creativity, emotion, spirit, intuition and feelings. The Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages often times symbolizes a person, a loved one with guidance or even yourself or traits needed to be taken on! The Queen of cups is known as the "intuitive reader" Types, Psychics or those sensitive to energies with a message to listen to intuition. She seems relatable right? If you picked this card, the queen often symbolizes a time where a time to nurture a situation and emphasize and show compassion where it's needed. Have you been neglecting and procrastinating with a particular task? From relationships, to work to even cleaning out that cluttered closet is in need to get taken care of to gain better perspective and clarity over the entire situation.The Queen of the Cups doesn’t suggest you’ll be stuck where you are; but it stresses the need to face to move past a situation. The queen of cups is a good omen for creatives and artistic types as well she pushes you to draw on your imagination and unleash the best of your creativity and a time of trusting your heart and your inner guidance to lead you in the right path. With relationships, the Queen of Cups main message is "Love, love , love " and she serves as a reminder that your heart is always in the right place and the Queen of Cups is a positive sign if you want your relationship to progress to the next level, the queen can represent a friendship turning into a relationship or a relationship turning into an engagement or marriage She represents a time where intuition is needed as well, Others may come to you to confide their personal issues regarding relationships, emotions and feelings. They trust you and know that you always have the right solution,however, the queen brings out the emotional moderation when needed "don’t take on other people’s energy or emotional issues to an excess because this is a time to be well-grounded and create a healthy separation".. In a workplace focus, The queen of cups represents, that you have to put a more personal face on your business and let people see the person behind the operation.you need to draw your attention inwards and focus on your emotional well-being too however, TLC is needed with, the queen of cups You’re great at taking care of others – but now it’s time to find the time to take care of yourself. This card suggests that you are emotionally drained because you have been so busy supporting others, but not yourself...Plan a hotbath afterwork, plan a hike or nature walk this weekend! Time for yourself is needed.

2. Temperance

Key Meanings: Balance, Communication, Art and Healing.

The Temperance represents moderation, balance and patience. To look at all options and "test the waters "before jumping into situations is needed. The temperance symbolizes an invitation to stabilize energies .Temperance card can also be a sign you sense that something is ‘off’ in your life, creating stress and tension. Life is not flowing as easily as you had hoped or there’s a voice from within nudging you "something just seems off here" A time listen and make the necessary adjustments to find your flow once again is needed.Temperance is positive for love focused questions, If you're not yet living with your partner, . The Mixing of the cups, with the temperance card is (usually) the typical art of this card, symbolizes a mixing, coming together with relationships, from moving in together, meeting that special someone to a more in depth understanding and connection between two people for thee Long term relationships, this card just basically means that you'll have a happy home life. Temperance can sometimes predict that you'll make your home your 'nest' through decor and gardening.

In a work focused question, The Temperance card shows that you have a clear, long-term vision of what you want to achieve. The temperance is a message of not rushing things along; instead, you are taking your time to ensure that you do the best job you can. You know you need a moderate, guided approach to reach your goals.The Temperance represents "balance" You should be sure to balance your check books and divide your time among important matters. Try to avoid doing repetitive tasks just because they're easy. A focus on health, you’re worried about your health an indication of worry, Temperance is a good omen for healing. Picking , or having this card is always a positive sign for medical matters.If you picked two, the temperance, This card is a positive sign for upcoming peace and balance.

3. Strength

Key Meanings: Physical and emotional strength , influence and compassion

Strength tarot represents the power of the spirit to overcome any obstacle through confidence and persistence. Strength is a reminder that you are in control of your destiny and a time where it'll feel like "luck" is on your side and a great opportunity to accomplish new things and move forward with your journey, while maintaining a dominion over yourself, emotions.The Strength card urges you to ‘tame’ your animal instincts, gut reactions, and raw emotions, and channel these initial responses constructively as well! Approach your situation from a place of forgiveness, love and compassion.You are committed to what you need to do, and you go about it in a way that shows your composure and maturity.Strength can symbolize an increase in force, power and energy. Perhaps it marks a time when you will be,visiting the gym and overhauling your lifestyle get out in nature more, or start doing more to get active! to Increase your activity levels and stick to a healthy diet, With Health this card is the strength needed! that you have what it takes to push through any issue! With a work related focus, Strength is an okay card to get for a business reading because it predicts persistence. Persistence is needed to grow a company and this card says that you have it inside of you to push forward and really get things done. Strength is a sign of positive persistence coming your way! With relationships, this card indicates that it is a perfect time to meet someone new. Your confidence will be rewarded with an adventurous relationship, likely with someone exciting and unconventional or that much needed courage and nudge to start more communication with that special person! . For the long term committed relationships, Strength is a good indicator that this relationship is solid. Any problems that arise only serve to strengthen your bond as you overcome them together. If you've picked this card, strength is on your side, both figurative and literally to get through obstacles, get what's needed, taken care of! To push forward with both luck and persistence!

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