Here's why you should start burning bay leaves! Results in minutes.


 Since the ancient times, people have been burning bay leaves for its benefits.  In ancient Greek and Romans, this practice was considered for its medical and valuable benefits. Nowadays the herb is mainly used as a spice when cooking, but it still can be used for different purposes as it used to in the ancient times. These are some benefits of burning bay leaves.


Burning Bay Leaves facts & uses video by @ilmypsychicjane


Improve alertness


 Bay leaf smoke has calming effects that release your anxiety and stressed in the process improving your alertness and focus. In fact, bay leaves were used in ancient times to fight chronic fatigue. The chemicals cineol, pinene, and elemicin help fight tiredness and acts as an excellent energy booster.


Reduce inflammation


 Inflammation in any part of your body is very uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Bay leaves are known to have properties that help in fighting and reducing inflammation, especially within the joints. The healing properties of the bay leaves come from chemical eugenol and act as a natural anti-inflammatory cure.


Help you sleep better


 Traditionally, bay leaves were used to improve sleep. The herb has sedative properties that help with insomnia and people with sleeping disorders.


Open your respiratory system


 Bay leaves contain antibiotic and antiseptic properties that help fight respiratory issues opening your respiratory system in the process. The smoke purifies the air around you, breaks up and remove anything such as nasty mucus and phlegm. For those who don’t love smoke, they can use the spray or essential oil.



Relieves stress and anxiety


 Burning bay leaves can help you feel more relaxed by relieving stress and anxiety. The combination of properties and chemicals that help calm the mind leaving more relaxed and focused. The herb is also used as an essential oil to offer the same benefits.

Acts as a mood booster


The mood-boosting properties available in the leaves are very beneficial to you. When they feel moody, and feel like you don’t want to engage with other people, burning a bay leaf can help in this situation. The smoke from the herbs releases essential oils into the air around you, and once you inhale it help boost your moods.

The bay leaf is an important herb used in different homes, but when burned it offers more benefit in minutes. In addition, the combination of sage and bay leaves will leave your home powerful, free from negative energy. It acts as an auto cleanser.


Powerful combination herbs 


The Benefits of Burning Sage, Cedar, Juniper and Bay leaves


Sage and Bay Leaves 


 The Sage and Bay leaf kit, you can find this kit at 

Sage is known for its traditional and cultural purposes, as well as being a known antibacterial. Bay leaves and sage makes for a powerful cleansing tool. 

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