The Magic of Sage: The Wisdom Herb, And Why Science Says You Should Smudge Your Home


Ever tried smudging or burning sage? Smudging is an ancient practice established as a trial practice or Native American cultural practice that involves burning sage. The practice includes burning herbs in a bid to get rid of negative energy and for other benefits. Smudging was used for many years to heal and clear or purity the buildup of spiritual and emotional negativity. Most people view it as a magical practice.




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The magic of sage


Being an herb loved for its spiritual and cultural value, sage also has some unique and refreshing properties. These unique properties are what makes smudging effective and allow you to get the benefits that come with the practice. Among other things sage is associated with energies that help in cleansing, purifying and protection. It also corresponds perfectly with wisdom and mental clarity, mood-boosting qualities and other qualities.


The history of smudging


Smudging was traditionally practiced thousands of year ago. People from different parts of the world, including Native Americans, Greece, ancient Rome, and ancient Egypt smudged Or Cleansed to cleanse and drive away and spirits. In Native America tribes like Lakota, Cahuilla and Chumash used the practice in line with spiritual traditions. These days, burning sage is used in many other different ways. For instance, in America, smudging was for driving off insects, preventing diseases, and boosting moods among other benefits that we will see later in this article. The medicinal use of smudging id what makes most people engage in the practice.


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Scientific and spiritual purposes of cleansing with sage and other cleansing herbs


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Smudging and cleansings are performed to clear away and heal emotional and spiritual negativity in your home or a room. With many people view sage as a beneficial place, recent scientific studies concluded that the plant and the smudging process release a medicinal smoke which is a dominant antiseptic with the ability to get rid of harmful bacteria.Most of the time negative ions block the electromagnetic field and aura around the human body. Negative energy is also found in the environment and often interferes with our lives,leaving us exhausted, sluggish and burnt from our daily life activities. A large number of negative ions dispelled in the atmosphere affect our lives. That’s why science prescribes smudging as an easy way of solving these issues.


Reasons why you need to start burning sage


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It’s a natural antibiotic


Recent research shows that sage has antibiotic properties that helps to clear bacteria from your space. Burning sage helps clear the air around you from bacteria that are harmful to your health and those around you.


Dispel negativity









 As a spiritual tool, smudging dispels all the negativity ion your space. It can be in your office resident or anywhere else you want to cleanse the air of negativity. The practice helps in establishing a positive environment for all to enjoy. It improves your moods, helps fight anger and fear and leave you feeling energetic.


Relieves certain conditions


 As it turns out, science has finally established that sage helps clear the air of bugs and bacteria, which in turn prevent conditions like allergies, bronchitis, asthma and respiratory issues (recommenced sage spray with respiratory issues)  as sage burning, smoke can be an irritant.  


Improve your quality of sleep


 Many years ago, smudging was used to safeguard your home against negativity that interferes with sleep. Research shows that sage properties that ease insomnia. White sage or Classic garden sage when burned can help improve sleep and even soothe anxiety which may interfere with your sleep.

Improves cognitive 





In addition to improving moods, dissipating negative energy and strengthening intuition, research shows that burning sage, especially the Salvia white sage enhancing cognition and improves your alertness.


Boost your energy levels

 Getting rid of negative energies, objects and body leave room for newer fresher and positive energies. Boosting your energy level is the most beneficial effects of sage. It also helps with fatigue.


Cleanse spaces and objects

 Smudging creates a fragrant smoke that helps cleanse objects around you. You can use a sage spray to cleanse objects before giving them out as gifts, or selling them as second-hand items. Also, if you are renting of moving into a new home or office, burning sage can help cleanse and removes all the negative energy in the spaces.


What kind of sage is good for smudging?

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There are different sage used for smudging. The most common sage used for smudging include:


  • Russians sage

  • White sage

  • Desert sage

  • Mug wort or black sage

    Sage can also be used to make spray sage, or you can decide to buy one from the 




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