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The world today has fully leveraged the power of Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Depp Learning and other technologies the try and levitate objects both big and small. However, apparently, for centuries, there has been a way of levitating objects that was discovered by the Tibetan monks many years ago. The method is acoustic levitation. The acoustic levitation is an application of sound technology to levitate objects. The method was used to levitate small objects, but later, as a Swedish doctor, Dr. Jarl found out, it can be used to levitate large rocks too.


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Acoustic levitation has been put into practice by many people and organization one of them being NASA. NASA used this method to perform anti-gravity experiment and also the Chinese scientists used the same method to levitate small animals back in 2006. But what makes the Tibetan Monks Levitation of stones different from the way it works today and what does science have to say about it? 


The Tibetan Monks Levitate stones.


It is believed that acoustic levitate has been in existence for many years. There have been a variety of theories that explains that some people use technology to levitate stones to build pyramids and create Stonehenge. However, how did Tibetan monks levitate stones using an acoustic levitation method? The story that has been backed by several sites. At one time it was written in a German Magazine.


 It is believed that monks lifted heavy boulders up with the help of Acoustic sound. The mocks accompanied by the Swedish doctor, DR Jarl, visited a cliff for something he has never experienced, though he knew existed. The Swedish doctor had visited Egypt for English Scientism Society projects but ended up in Tibet after accepting an invitation from the messenger of his Tibet friend. After a long journey by plane and other traveling means, they arrived in Tibet, where his friend was holding a high position in the racks.

There he learned many things and one of them is how monks use acoustic sound to levitate rocks. Dr. Jarl went with his friend to a place in the neighborhood where he showed him a sloping meadow surrounded by high cliffs in the North West. There was a polished slab about 250 meters from the cliff. The slab had a bowl like a cavity in the middle. It is a place they were constructing a rock wall. Accompanied by other monks to the large stone in place that was about 250 meters from the cliff, they carried nineteen musical instruments.


After they arrived, they set the 19 musical instruments in an Arc shape of about 90 degrees at an accurately measured distance of 63 meters from the slab stone. The 19 musical instruments consisted of six trumpets and 13 drums. All the drums had an open end at the bottom of the metal. The monks beat the bottom using big leather clubs. Eight drums had a one-meter cross-section and one and one-half meters in length. Behind all the 10 musical instruments, the 13 drums and six trumpets each of which was 3 meters in length, stood a row of monks.

After they made all the preparation, the Monk started beating the concert. The monks behind small drums gave a signal when the stone was in a perfect position. They began by playing the small drums. Finally, other monks chimed in with the other drums and trumpets. Nothing happened after playing the drums and chanting words for 4 minutes. Then suddenly as they increase the tempo, the noise and speed of the drumming, nothing was happening, but after that, the stone began to sway. The big rock started to rock and sway, then took off into the air and in the direction of the cliff. After 3 more minutes, the big stone landed on the top of the cliff after a 250 meters high took off.  The monks used this method to continuously bring new blocks to the cliff. They transported about 5 to 6 blocks on a para block flight. The nature of the instruments combined with the distance involved and precise angles for the task to be accomplished.

It was a quite unbelievable task for Dr. Jarl. He knew about the hurling of stones, but he had never seen it. The opportunity to witness it with his own eyes provided him with a remarkable spectacle. He was stunned to see it and decided to make two films on the incident. However, upon his return, the films were confiscated by his employer immediately. 

 Although scientists are looking into the truth behind the mystery, the remarkable spectacle witnessed by Dr. Jarl in 1939 shows that monks had advanced knowledge of vibrational physics. These physics are still unknown to the full extent to us today. But the truth is, we already know that people can use the Acoustic law of Physics to levitate small and large objects alike.


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