Like Plants, Humans Absorb Each Other's Energy.

 Recently, the entire scientific world was turned upside down by one discovery. The scientific world has come to the realization the plants are not the only thing that absorbs energy from other plants, but humans also do absorb energy from each other in the similar way plants do. Led by Dr. Olaf Kruse, the research team for the first time was able to prove that the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii not only engages in photosynthesis but also draw an alternative form of energy. The energy is drawn from a variety other plants around them. The team made the same discovery when it comes to humans.

 Humans need the energies to grow. However, human energy most suddenly comes from sunlight, food, oxygen, and water. Conversely, plants also get energy from sunlight, water, and food from other plat along with carbon dioxide. When conducting the study, Kruse and his team planted green alga plants and observed them receive its typical source of energy. After some time, the plants began to pull energy from the plants around them. According to Kruse, “This is the first time such a behavior has been confirmed in a vegetable organism."

After the experiment, Kruse compared the behavior of the plants to that of human beings. In his conclusion, he stated,” This is the reason why there are people who felt uncomfortable in specific groups where there is a mix of energy and emotions.” Explaining Further, Badar-Lee says, “When energy studies advance, a scientist like we will eventually see the translation of humans drawing energy from humans. The human organism draws the energy needed to feed their emotional states, much like plants do. This can essentially cause an increase in catabolizing and cortisol or energize cells depending on the emotional trigger.”According to her, Badar-Lee, she believes that it’s a perfect time to explore the field of Bioenergy to understand how humans can absorb energy and heal through any part of nature including other humans and animals. So how can you walk away from such information and shield yourself from potential energy drains forms other people like your friends and colleagues?


 How to keep yourself from energy drains from others 

 Now that we understand why other people or us feel uncomfortable when they engage with a specific group of people, especially where there is a mix of emotions and energy, how you keep us safe from such situations. There are three ways of doing so. They include;


Cleansing yourself 

(Sage kit by  

Cleansing yourself is one way of shielding yourself from potential energy drains. There are various ways you can use. You can consider using a sage stick and bathing in sea salt to cleanse yourself. Some people might consider this as nonsense, but some people have been undergoing this bathing procedure for ages and they have experienced the effectiveness and benefits of cleansing yourself.


Start grounding

Grounding is another beneficial way of shielding yourself from potential energy drains. When you feel drained, simply take your time and sit on the ground or walk outside barefoot. One advantage and benefits on the earth are that it has a way of helping us balance our energy. By walking barefoot or sitting on the ground, you will be able to regain your energy back by allowing the earth to balance your energies. It also helps when someone else has drained our energy.


Steer clear of negativity


Sometimes you might wonder the reason why you feel loaded with negative energy after being with certain people, visit a certain place and being around certain things. These things, people, and places might bring us down because of the negativity the impact with us. If you notice what loads you with positive energy, you need to steer clear of the negative energies if at all you can. If you have to be in such places and things, try to minimize the time you use them and at the place. You can also try to unwind by cleansing and grounding afterward.



 Over the years, science has come a long way and it is expected to evolve even further. As science progresses, scientists are becoming more open to possibilities regarding energies. For a year now, science has discovered many things that benefit humans and those that affect humans too including potential energy drain. Thankfully, science has also discovered ways to clear and shield ourselves from negative energies and from energy drains.Badar-Lee concluded by saying, “Human can absorb and heal through animals, plants and other humans. That’s why being around nature is energizing and uplifting for many people.” Nature also gives us better properties from grounding and cleansing ourselves. So visiting nature and being close to it is a perfect way of staying clear of negativity and potential energy drains. So, stay alert, ground, cleanse and stay positive.



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