Like Plants, Humans Absorb Each Other's Energy.

 Recently, the entire scientific world was turned upside down by one discovery. The scientific world has come to the realization the plants are not the only thing that absorbs energy from other plants, but humans also do absorb energy from each other in the similar way plants do. Led by Dr. Olaf Kruse, the research team for the first time was able to prove that the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii not only engages in photosynthesis but also draw an alternative form of energy. The energy is drawn from a variety other plants around them. The team made the same discovery when it comes to humans.

 Humans need the energies to grow. However, human energy most suddenly comes from sunlight, food, oxygen, and water. Conversely, plants also get energy from sunlight, water, and food from other plat along with carbon dioxide. When conducting the study, Kruse and his team planted green alga plants and observed them receive its typical source of energy. After some time, the plants began to pull energy from the plants around them. According to Kruse, “This is the first time such a behavior has been confir