The Truth About Astrology


 Astrology is about convictions and conventions. Astrology is a belief that the positioning of the planets in the solar system, season patterns and stars alike,influence our lives.  Without a doubt, Astrology is a significant field and not just for those who love their Zodiac Sign, Astrology is important Historically speaking as well and throughout history individuals examined soothsaying and used this method for Scientific and Spiritual purposes  Astrology isn't just prominent, however, questionable as well.

Astrology Facts Video 


 Astrology and Science 

 (Photo of:Ancient Astronomical Instrument from Mesopotamia.)

The most seasoned compositions concerning the soothsaying is dated nearly 5000 years back which Mesopotamian researcher's clerics composed of numerous Astrology charts and studied soothsaying in-depth. The first forms of Astrology was for the most part based religious grounds, However, many scientists of Medieval Europe were Astrologers/Astrologists and it was classified as a valued profession during the time era.   



 Seasons and Astrology 

 (Photo of: vernal equinox and it occurs as the ecliptic and celestial equator intersect on approximately March 21, Which is called the 0 point of the Zodiac)

There had been numerous extraordinary human advancements before yet the Sumerians established the framework of astrology. concentrated the planet Mars. They additionally contemplated Venus and named it as an image of ripeness and womanliness. The developments of the stars had a reliable connection with the changing seasons too, and these bright events of the stars are essential for Astrology.  


Planets and emotions 


According to soothsayers, The moon has an impact on people ,additionally,like it has on the seas. Mercury Retrograde is another common example, A time, which astrologists believe that, the retrograde is known to cause havoc emotionally, While Mercury doesn't actually turn the opposite direction (Common myth with retrograde), it, is however positioned slightly different during certain times of the year which by astrologists, can explain the emotional influence aspects.


Astrology is exceptionally prevalent mostly in light of our interest with the night and sky. There are more than 10000 experts in the United States. Merely write the word astrology on Google, and you can see the notoriety and energy of this term. 


Nostradamus predictions based on Astrology 

Michel de Nostredame, 1560s

Nostradamus was the most popular crystal gazer on the planet, and he trusted in soothsaying. He anticipated the second world would as well .. He predicted numerous events, which happened almost exactly as predicted. He predicted about assaults of John F Kennedy, the triumph of Obama and more. Many well-known individuals appreciated soothsaying. These individuals incorporate Sixtus IV pope, Julius II, Pope Paul III, Leo X and some more.


 Zodiac was utilized as a horticulture timetable too.

 (Photo of: The Elements of Astrology)

The zodiac chart is made of of 12 constellations and four elements.. water, air, fire, and earth.Which is broken down to each Zodiac Sign-  common personality traits as well.  


 Astrology School 

(Photo of: Scientific Astrology Chart made by Sterrenkaart van de zuidelijke sterrenhemel, Carel Allard, c. 1722 - c. 1750.)

Kepler College in the United States was the primary school, which conceded the degree in astrology. The main course of astrology began in this school in the early 2000s. 


Zodiac Constellations and the 13th Zodiac Sign. 

 (Photo of: Ophiuchus Constellation Zodiac Map.) 

 Each Zodiac Sign is made up of a unique set of stars, NASA Announced, a few years ago, that Ophiuchus  would make 29th November to 18th December the 13th Zodiac, However, many Astrologists believe that, without adding the other variables,  Ophiuchus is just a constellation.


These are only a fact of the realities of the soothsaying. If you've enjoyed this Update be sure to subscribe at the bottom of the page for future updates and more! 


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