Why Spending More Time with Nature is Beneficial.


Some people love being outside, and there are others who like staying indoors. It is not about how social or antisocial you are but spending time in nature is beneficial to your body. One of the most amazing benefits that you can get straight out of nature is fresh air. Here are several benefits you can get from spending more time with nature:-




It is inevitable to feel off, having bad moods or just feeling uneasy. At times like these, the only solution is spiritual grounding. The body might not be tired, but you feel you need to release some energy or increase the energy levels in your body. During spiritual grounding, the energy levels in your body are increased or decreased to help you calm down and relax. If you are feeling uneasy, spending time with nature will help bring a natural balance to the body. The spiritual and physical energy imbalances in the body is one cause of stress, anxiety, and depression. Spiritual grounding involves connecting yourself with nature and allowing nature’s energy to flow in your body.


A walk in nature boosts your intuition as compared to walks in urban areas. Short-term memory is one of the intuitions affected by nature. A study was done at the University of Michigan where students were given a short memory test and then divided into two groups. One group took a walk down the city, and the other one took a walk around an arboretum. When these participants came back and did the test again, the ones who walked among the trees did 20% better than they did the first time.



 Today, people are changing the way they do things and this mostly applies to the food we eat. Lifestyle diseases like heart disease and diabetes have become so common even in young people and children. These were illnesses that were initially thought to be common among old people, but that has changed. People are consuming a lot of sugars and doing no exercises. It has been found out that people who spend more time hiking and taking walks in nature have lesser chances of getting these heart diseases or diabetes. Their bodies are well exercised and do not store excess fat instead the fat is lost during the hikes or walks in nature.


 Some people have a problem with paying attention for a long time. If you are learning something or listening to something that you need to remember and do exactly what was shown, you need to have good attention skills and improved memory. A walk outside can help restore your attention span significantly. We all know that natural environment has been proven to be restorative thus it helps improve your concentration. Researchers have written that the attentional effect of nature is strong such that it might help kids with ADHD who have been found that after 20 minutes in the park they are able to concentrate better. According to these scientists, small doses of nature might prove to be a safe, widely accessible and inexpensive tool for managing ADHD symptoms.



At any one time whenever you are stressed, taking the time to admire your surroundings soothe you and help reduce stress in the body. Spending time in nature helps reduce stress, anger, and fear and also increases positive emotions. The natural environment creates a sense of excitement and novelty in the mind. Being outdoors especially in nature lets the mind wander and think or imagine in a way that indoor environments don’t. The good thing about being outside in nature is that it is naturally calming. It changes the way the brain operates and you can't help but relax. Remember the lower the stress levels in your body, the healthier you are.


Everyone should make it a habit of spending some time in nature. It doesn’t matter the time you have, but it is good to frequently spend time in nature and try to connect with it to reap these and many other benefits. Instead of going to the gym, this time round have your lunch outdoors and spend most of your weekends out in nature. If you have 3 minutes, get your feet on the grass at the very least and if you have 30 minutes, take your lunch out in nature or go for a walk, lay on the grass and just stare at the sky and you will find yourself naturally relaxed. If you have a whole day, go for a walk and a picnic or go for a hike, leave everything else behind and connect with nature to help you clear your mind naturally. Nature is the best medicine sometimes, but we are too busy to see that.



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