Tarot card meanings. The card by card 101 Guide for learning the deck.

My personal belief is that every person, everywhere has a intuitive spiritual side and of course spiritual growth and intuitive learning takes both time and patience .. each person is different. With Tarot cards, Step one is learning the basics. This is perfect for anyone who's learning about tarot cards or just has general curiosity for each basic key meaning.

*NOTE*The card meanings posted below are just the key meanings (keyword meanings), not the full detailed meanings for each card.

The unique deck of Tarot Cards is made up of 78 cards and broken into two important categories. The first is the "Major Arcana" and the second is the "Minor arcana". Each set is equally as important. When i first started studying tarot cards the number one thing i kept searching for online was just a simple breakdown of each card... without all the nonsense and ads. One question, i've been asked is if different art on cards having a different meanings...The art can have its own interpretation by the creator of the cards, however, the meanings of each card stays the same regardless of the art on the deck also while doing a reading, the cards all depend on their surrounding cards while in a layout.. You can have a negative past card (moving forward) current state card and a successful outcome card.. learning for starters, the key meanings of each card is very important.

I'll first start with the Major arcana.. then move onto the Minor arcanas.


The fool: A pretty self explanatory card. A card of madness and excessiveness also an indication of foolish actions .. Drunkenness for example. Planning that has not been done, unforeseen obstacles, Pay attention to risks, The current situation continuing even though a better one will appear.

The High Priestess: Secrets, hidden facts, upcoming events, wisdom and learning. A card that indicates secret facts by a female, lies even deception. "double check all facts, something is hidden, Mysterious events may occur.

The Empress: Self doubt, A new start, Pregnancy, love. At times you might doubt yourself even your circumstances; however, new and exciting times are approaching. A time of love and sensuality. Pregnancy may be indicated.

The Magician: Knowledge, determination, action, possibly illness and pain, a person of power with a great deal of creativity and determination, who follows through with actions, an intelligent person, Now is the time to create which of that you want and need. A success card .. good time for education, take control over your life . Speak your mind when needed.

The Emperor: Strength, Maturing, Powerful, Opinionated, though stubborn but noble, self assertive and fearless. A person who is not afraid to speak their mind. Has a very strong belief system... Does not change their mind easily, Indicates a promotion at work and a time for advancement, a great time to make money and a time of power..

The Lovers:. physical and sexual attraction, love, relationships, better times and romance. A New romance, sometimes a choice between lovers..a time of desire, or thinking of a current romance, Marriage , sometimes simply a memory of a lover.

The chariot:Success card, problems of revenge and power. A winning card even though you'll lose the battle because your actions are correct, Stand firm for your beliefs, decide what you want to do and do it Success is there. Move forward.

Strength: Emotional and physical, bravery, and self discipline, patience.. Now is the time for strength.. However, use patience wisely to achieve your goals ... You are above your enemies .. always remember this Do not overreact. Confront your bas situation now.

The hermit. Loneliness and solitude, betrayal, incorrect dealings and actions and introspection . A time of being alone , a time away from the world. Look at your situation and consider this carefully. rest and relax .,... that's where you'll find your answer, Loneliness can occur and so can betrayal with others. Heal.

The wheel of fortune: personal journey, happiness, positive results, opportunity, and abundance, prosperity, luck and advancements and destiny

Justice : Balance, decision based on ones character, fairness and integrity. Possible legal actions .. Debits will be paid.

The Hanged man: Mediation, reasonings , insight and selflessness, flexible and dedication, A time for change... a time to remove yourself from the situation.. (help to see the situation from a new perspective)

Death: End of a matter , a time for change , can indicate an actual physical passing which can come to you by news of another, rebirth and profound change, A dramatic change card .. as with all cards this change depends on its surrounding cards as its laid out together in a spread.

Temperance: Patience, balance of actions, compassion, and tranquility. Avoid rushed actions here ... Patience needed.

The devil: Anger ,violence, intimidation, sometimes death by violence .. this generally indicated something is very wrong. Lies and deception

The tower: Conflict in ones home, lying , sadness and a lack of peace. Change that occurs dramaticly. Disruption of tradition. A shocking loss of something which was believed to be true.

The star: Sense of loss, hope and reflection, A card of hope for the future and reflection on goals. A good things on their way , wonderful card.

The moon: A gossip card, lies and deceptions, nosy individuals, close proximity, secret truths. Friends who could infact be enemies. Events turning crazy.

The sun: Material wealth, positive and solid love relationships, peace and vitality. A card of joy and peace and happiness, Good things approaching, an Ultimate success card.

Judgement: Paying debts, making decisions, judging yourself and others judging card, a time for starting fresh "the price has been paid time to begin again" Can be legal matters ending positive.

The world: A card of travel usually over a long distance, Trip by water, relocation from difficulties, A card that shows a possible change of residence, chance to open up and see more possibilities.. Anything positive is possible.


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King of Staffs: A card that indicates a dominant male, good hearted, old fashioned , often married and straightforward. This card shows a strong, honest and blunt person who is not afraid to take the lead. A person that can listen and advise wisely.

Queen of Staffs: A card that shows a dominant female, simple in her pleasures, likeable, loyal and a strong mother. A caring person, A trusting person.

The knight of staffs: A card that shows movement of all kinds, sometimes distance, An upcoming trip, A good time to move, a good time to leave a situation.

Page of Staffs: Arrogant , tailored, devoted, well educated, head for business. A good person but sometimes egotistical.. a card of upcoming news, listen to it, a trustful person.

10 of staffs: A card of struggle, followed by success, Depending on its surrounding cards.. it can be a card of trickery. Continue on through difficulties.

9 of staffs: A strategy card, preparedness, patience needed to succeed, "problems of the past haunting you, Enemies, be very careful with your trust. Take what you have learned in the past and now use it.

8 of staffs: A card of powerful movement, hastened actions, anticipation for the future.

7 of staffs: A card of integrity and conviction, a stable position.. Keeping strength and beliefs even though others may challenge you. You are correct..

6 of staffs: Achievement, also important news vital to making other decisions, You may expect some good news very soon.. a victory card.

5 of staffs: A card of verbal or physical struggle , disagree , complete discord, A card indicating people arguing, caution, Arguments can occur or continue

4 of staffs: A card of peace, positive energy, success, easy movement, anticipated marriage , home life.

3 of staffs:A card of courage and fortitude, hard work and ideas. New visions A card showing a time to work hard for what you want.. News of advancement

2 of staffs: A card of uncertainty, reflection of the past actions and choices, self assessment and emotions that follow. Consider where you are now and how it relates with the past.

Ace of staffs:A card of childbirth, new projects and business ventures. Starting a new business, new career, possible child birth depending on surrounding cards.

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King of cups: Balanced male; man of business, education or law, vast knowledge and imagination. A person with great education, Many interests and abilities,Indicates you receive good advice and generosity from someone soon.

Queen of cups: Loving female, need for beautiful possessions around her, a good counselor A devoted person when it comes to love. Possible Psychic abilities.

The Knight of cups: A card of notification, letter or proposal or employment notification. Hearing of a new venture,love or business depending on its surrounding cards. Hard to say no to type of offer.

Page of cups: Short stature male, sometimes stocky; often need of assistance, dependent and a good heart. A person that will help in someway will need help as well.

10 of cups: A card of home and family, a peaceful spirit and heart, opportunity to enjoy pleasures of life. Attention should be on home and peace within your home. It is time that and to bring balance and harmony together within your home.

9 of cups: A card of accomplishment and self satisfaction, comfort , quiet and celebration. After much work you'll be rewarded for your efforts.... Be careful of being fool or vain.

8 of cups: A card warning against vanity, Maintain humility, exhibit appropriate behavior , remember to give.

7 of cups: A card the represents the many choices of the inquirer, review of past choices and future choices.

6 cups: A card that represents a persons past , their memories, simple pleasures; als environment.

5 of cups: A card showing a loss of control addiction, destructive behavior , shame... A realization of something you thought was true, now is not. Tendency to drugs and alcohol.

4 of cups: A card of worry, petty upsets, stress, self doubt, self pity, frustration. Represents a tired and stressful time, A disappointment card.. Not letting negative thoughts worry you anymore. Self empowerment.

3 of cups: absolute completion of a matter, reason for celebration, an opportunity to heal and grow.

2 of cups: Relationships, marriage; often referred to as the couples card. Friendships, as well as passion, Strong foundation and respect.

Ace of cups: A loyal heart, peace of mind, physical good health.. all wants and needs satisfied (generally meaning happy past for past tense cards, A positive yes to an outcome card and positivity on your current state.


The King of swords: Tall, thin stature male; position of authority, decision and execution, Decisive action, action with justice, Not letting personal desire take place of fairness.

The Queen of swords: A card related to a female, sadness , infertility, Physical issues, mourning a child or partner, The pain being real and currently a daily plague.

The knight of swords: A card of battle. confrontation, defense, bravery, competition, People fighting over some issue, Indicates a young man who may need help with some situation.

The page of swords: A card of emotional possession associated with jealously.... a card of surveillance

10 of swords: A card for emotional isolation, weariness , sometimes depression and physical pain and a sense of being overwhelmed.

9 of swords: A card with many meanings (depending on its surrounding cards) it can represent a loss, desperation and broken promises ... deep depression... dreams, nightmares, trouble sleeping. Under much stress and pressure.

8 of swords: A card that signals confusion and disruption; Often symbolizes a female with quiet jealously..... though trouble. A feeling of being held prisoner, trapped by some force .. a situation difficult to leave.

7of swords: A card of industry and hard work , diligence. some times a visionary person. Much work is required in the end, the efforts may not pay off as well as hoped... Do take the easy way out. Trouble will follow.

6 of swords: A card of travel, distance and separation, You have , may soon travel ... separated from a loved one.

5 of swords: a card of decision and consequence, moving away. letting go.. Limit your losses by letting go. Dont let the negativity of others influence your choices.Dont continue to fight when the war is over.

4 of swords: A card of doubt, worrying, restless sleep and loneliness.. Can simply indicate a lack of sleep .. Possible illness.

3 of swords: A Card of sadness , hurt feelings, a sense of loss or missing , abrupt separation .. a broken heart regarding love. A bitter heartbreak, taking care of emotional issues.

2 of swords: A card of honor, respect, and affection, strong friendly, physical closeness and a reliable source of strength, A choice between two things , look for the one who offers the most guidance.

Ace of swords:A card of pure victory, many blessings , intense emotions ... You are able to move to many situations with great power , trust yourself.


The king of coins:A formidable man, financial means, connections, status and acquired wealth. Excellent person for economic status and romantic attachment, A card symbolising a time for raising economic status.

The queen of coins: A caring , sensitive female,usually artistic and creative with her appearance, a good listener, loyal , generous and protective. A time for economic balance, An enjoyment of luxury and balance of comfort.

The Knight of coins: A man of honor, often a military or militia background, willing to assist, dependable. A person that can be trusted. Approaching tasks with planning and organization.

The page of coins: A card of academia, and common sense. Tharm, Physical good looks, driven. A time to engage in education, a time to explore economic activities. Great news by letter or words.

10 of coins: A card of peaceful surroundings, (physical or emotional) residence/ home. family gatherings, A secure time in the home, Stability, remember your family.

9 of coins: Many blessings card. Achieved goals, hopes and realized dreams, obligations satisfied.

8 of coins: A card for employment. Promotion at work, as well as the money that accompanies such action, specialty knowledge . Learning a new trade which you find stability.

7 of coins: A mixed emotions card. Indication of money and stability, represents both positive and negative impacts on money... Continue to work on projects, remember that money can bring joy and great sorrow, The importance of money is freedom... don't let money imprison you.

6 of coins: A card of giving and receiving .. simply put , if your hand is out to give .. you will also receive.

5 of coins: A card of despair, overdue bills,unstable residence, fear. Money going out of the house faster than its coming in. Stress. Avoid unnecessary expenses. May need to borrow.

4 of coins: A territorial card. Materialistic, sometimes a dispute over a will, probate ... a person who is wanting too much. Self indulgence to the fullest.

3 of coins: A card of self employment and self reliance. A great deal of time with little compensation. It might take extra time to get what you want. Much worked is needed and skills.

2 of coins: A communication card. Legal notices, credit approvals, invitations, some frustration from theses.... Be careful .. make sure you understand what you are agreeing to .. before doing so.

Ace of coins: A card of excellent wealth, excitement and clarity, Success with actions and dealing with others and business, now is the time to move forward.

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I hope you enjoyed my basic 101 on tarot card meanings!! Always remember when you're learning tarot cards to always go at your own pace.. for example, try pulling one card a day. Focus on that card and its meaning per day... go over it a few times a day until you connect that card with its meaning .. Then once you try doing readings, you'll be able to connect the card (just by seeing it) plus, with your own intuitive feelings while using the spread and the cards surrounding cards. It does take time and patience as well ...

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Until next time, Best wishes -Psychic Jane

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