Zodiac Constellation Wood Burned Necklace

Each Astrology/ Zodiac Sign Woodburned/ Handmade on a slice of pine wood. 

This is new, I will be adding a photo of each sign soon. 

One Handcrafted Zodiac Necklace. 

The woodburnedd necklace designs are as natural as you can get. I use both Pine and Cedar (From my sage smudge kits) . Simple design for casual wear. 

Perfect Gift idea for nature lovers 

This design is made with a Pine wood slice. 

* This Necklace Includes a card for care instructions. 

* The leather cord is entirely adjustable, From A choker size to 18” in length

These necklaces are handmade from natural materials there will be very slight differences between what you receive and what is pictured, No two pieces of wood will be exactly the same, However, I do burn the edges on many of the wood slices ( view the triple mountain necklace as an example) If you have a set choice of (Bark or no Bark On the edges, Please just let me know and i'll make sure your order fits your preference ( No extra Charge

Zodiac Constellation Wood Burned Necklace

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