Ultimate Intention Candles - Handmade Spiritual Candle Box Kit 


This kit contains 5 organic soy wax candles with intentions & beeswax dipped wicks- including:

Healing, Self Love & Cleansing: Palo santo & rose quartz crystal candle 4oz 

Remove Negative Energy & Energy Cleanse: Pink Himalyan Salt,  sage clear quartz crystal 4oz

Tranquility, Relax and Rest:  Pure lavender with amethyst crystal 4oz

 Manifestation & intention setting, Protection, Cleansing: Mini Herb and Crystal Jar (2) and a mix of herbs used for smoke cleansings 4oz

New beginnings, Positive Energy & Intuition : Rose & Sage with Key Charm and Quartz Crystal -Multiple types of sage. 


Ultimate Intention Candles kit (5 Candles!)

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