This wooden box kit includes 20 herbs for cleansing: (24pc Total)


1 Sweetgrass

2. Sage

3. Bay Leaves

4. Rosemary

5. Cedar

6, Lavender

7 Chamomile

8. PIne

9. Mugwort

10. Dried Flower Mix  (roses, rose hips)

11. Dried flower mix (wildflowers)

12. Crushed, Or Sticks Cinnamon (not powder)

13. Yerba Santa

14. Blended herbal Mix. Cleansing

15. Corn broom leaves and stems (used to make old fashioned brooms) 

16. Dandelions (Flowers , Leaves and Stems) Dried for burning

17. White Sage Stems

18. Dried Eucalyptus

19. Blue Sage (Mint)

20. Cloves


All Dried/ Organic/loose mix


*Includes a mini pink polished abalone shell

*Includes burning instructions (detailed 20 herbs for cleansing list with herb cleansing uses)

*Reusable sealable bags 2" X 2" each for each herb

*Includes HandPainted Wooden chest box***


*Includes .15Ml Sage Cleansing Spray (Pure sage)



Ultimate 20 Cleansing Herbs , Hand painted Box, Box kit

  • ingredient list for the sage cleansing/smudging spray

    White Sage, cedar, lemongrass 

    (Depending on the spray) Mugwort, lavender, rosemary, herbs and oils added  

    Common Sage  

    Water - Pure spring water 

    Pure sage Essential Oil 

    Pure lemongrass oil 

    Pure rose Essential Oil 

    Pure clary sage Oil 

    Rose/quartz crystal mix

    Alcohol to preserve the sage and scent / pure grain

    Salt /Sea Salt / Natural Pink Himalayan Salt 




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