The sample kit is perfect for trying out my products, types of sage and my homemade smudge spray as well. 


The sample kit includes 

* Loose White Sage 

* Loose Blue Sage (Russian mint) and cedar 

* Palo Santo 3-inches 

* Smudge Spray  15 ml


Updated 11/7



Instructions  on how to use the sage, I do have the instructions on a saved PDF form, If you prefer paperless OR simply prefer to save the documents, which can be sent out by request by those who order. 


Updated 11/7

Sample Sage Kit

  • All natural sage

    White sage

    Desert sage



    Sage smudging spray:


    The Original White Sage Cleansing Spray


    White Sage 

    Common Sage 

    Water - Pure spring water 

    Sage Essential Oil  

    Rose Essential Oil 

    Alcohol to preserve the sage and scent / Pure Grain, Real white sage leaves are added to the bottles as well, Which turns the color, a light natural green and adds more of a earthy/ light scent

    Salt /Sea Salt  and 100% Natural Pink Himalayan Salt offers fresh, organic

high-quality products.

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