Extra large sage kit (smudging, cleansing) Abalone shell

Items included:

Large smudge spray (12 oz) Spray bottle 

Large  sized abalone shell for smudging 5-7in(Sage Bowl) with 

handcarved stand 

3 white sage bundles (3-4 inches each)

2 desert sage bundles (3 -4 inches each)

2 Blue Sage Bundles (3-4")

1 Cedar sage bundle (2-3 inches) 

1 Black Sage Bundle (3-4")

Extra Large White Sage Bunde 12"-14"

2 loose sage with rose mixes for easy burning 

3 palo Santo smudge sticks (4 inches)

  • Stone, Pure White Selenite Crystal Wand (Large)
  • Fanning feather (12in fanning wand with handle) 

Includes instructions on how to use the sage spray 

Includes instructions on how to use the sage smudging bundles and the Palo Santo

The Abalone shell can be used for the smudge sticks, loose sage and the palo santo 


*NOTE*Instructions on how to use the sage, I do have the instructions on a saved PDF form, If you prefer paperless OR simply prefer to save the documents, which can be sent out by request by those who order.



Extra large sage kit (smudging, cleansing) 20Pc Kit


    All natural sage

    White sage

    Desert sage



    Sage smudging spray:


    White Sage 

    Common Sage 

    Water - Pure spring water 

    Sage Essential Oil  

    Rose Essential Oil 

    Alcohol to preserve the sage and scent / Pure Grain

    Salt /Sea Salt  and 100% Natural Pink Himalayan Salt