The Deluxe Lush Organic Bath Kit/Set Is a perfect treat to yourself or simply a perfect gift set! 

This kit includes

  • 9oz Lavender Sage Organic Bath Salt mix 
  • (Dead Sea Salt, Pink Salt, Epsom salt, Natural Oils, Dried Flowers and Sage Mixed Together perfectly) 
  • 9oz Sacred Sage cleansing Bath Salt mix 
  • (Dead Sea Salt, Pink Salt, Epsom salt, Natural Oils, Dried Flowers Mixed Together perfectly)
  • Sage Spray 1.5oz 
  • Votive Candle with Glass Holder 
  • 1 sample of my coconut Dead Sea salt 
  • 1 Sample of my Rose Dead Sea Salt 
  • One surprise  FREE GIFT  included in each package! 


Deluxe Organic Bath Set/ Gift Set

  • ingredient list for the sage cleansing/smudging spray

    White Sage, cedar, lemongrass 

    (Depending on the spray) Mugwort, lavender, rosemary,yerba santa, black sage herbs and oils added  

    Common Sage  

    Water - Pure spring water 

    Pure sage Essential Oil 

    Pure lemongrass oil 

    Pure rose Essential Oil 

    Pure clary sage Oil 

    Rose/quartz crystal mix

    Alcohol to preserve the sage and scent / pure grain

    Salt /Sea Salt / Natural Pink Himalayan Salt 



    ingredient list for the bath salts  

    Dried Sage, Ceremonial  Sage  

    Epsom Salt

    Common sage, dried 

    Lavender Dried 

    Lavender oil

    Pink Himalayan salt (thick and thin cut) 


    Sage Oil 

    Peppermint oil

    Clary Sage Oil,

    Patchouli Oil,

    Dead Sea salt

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