Deluxe Herb, Crystals, Candles, Bath Salts, Cleansing Wooden Box (Large) Kit 26pc 


This kit includes 

*Two 3oz Cleansing Sprays 

3oz Palo Santo Spray 

3oz Sage Citrus Spray 


*5 herbs for cleansings (loose mix)

2x2 packs 


2. Sage 

3.yerba Santa 

4.Sage and Rose 

5.Juniper / Cedar mix 


Dried bundles for burning 10 

(3"-4" Wrapped Bundles )

two white sage 

two blue sage 

two desert sage 

two palo santo sticks 

two black sage 


*Abalone (large) shell and handcarved/painted stand 


*large wooden handpainted chest box with handles/ clasps 



*3 rough crystals 

Geode (Purple Or White), Rose Quartz (Rough// Natural), Selenite (Natural- Wand) 


*Organic soy wax herb and crystal candles 

8oz White Sage, clear quartz, selenite soy wax candle 

8oz Palo Santo and rose quartz soy wax candle 


Organic Bath Salts 

Sacred Sage Bath Salts 



Deluxe Herbs, Candles, Crystals, Cleansing Hand-painted Wooden Box (Large) Kit

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