The Crystal Sage Gift set is available for one month only 

This kit includes 

  • Cedar Sage Quartz and Pink Salt Infused Sage Spray 
  • White Sage
  • Desert Sage 
  • Cedar Bundle 
  • Palo Santo 
  • Natural Unpolished Rose Quartz 
  • Natural Unpolished Black Tourmaline 
  • Natural unpolished Selenite
  • Care and instructions 

*NOTE* Instructions on how to use the sage update. I do have the instructions on a saved PDF form, If you prefer paperless OR simply prefer to save the documents, Instructions can be sent out by request by those who order. 

Crystal Sage Gift Set

  • Sage smudging spray 


    White Sage 

    Common Sage  

    Water - Pure spring water 

    Sage Essential Oil 

    Rose Essential Oil 

    Clary Sage Oil 

    Alcohol to preserve the sage and scent / pure grain

    Salt /Sea Salt / Natural Pink Himalayan Salt 

    Gift Set ( Includes Quartz Crystal)