*7 Chakras Necklace, This necklace has Clear Quartz,Amethyst crystalline quartz in shades of purple, lilac or mauve, Lapis Lazuli , Aventurine, Citrine,Red Agate,Redstone Crystals. 

*7 Chakras and Lava Stone Essential oil Bracelet, is an easy and fun way to receive the benefits of aromatherapy! Add your favorite essential oil or oils to the diffuser lava beads!  i've included my Sage Spray in this set, My Sage Cleansing sprays are made with pure essential oils and can go perfectly with this Bracelet, however, you can use any Essential oil of your choice. 

Selenite wand, Selenite is included in many of my sage kits, This stone is known for being called the “Smudging Crystal”.

Sage Spray: White Sage and Citrus: White Sage is known for ceremonial smudging purposes, Burning white sage tends to have a strong scent, while my homemade white sage spray has a lovely earthy crisp citrus scent, 100% organic and natural ingredients only, essential oils and Pink Himalayan salt. The White Sage and Citrus Spray is included in all of my Sage kits as well as the 7 Chakras Set.

Necklace size: Size: the pendant is :2.0 inches 2.Faux leather - Length:2.0mm*19.69inches / Shape:round.

Selenite: 4"5 In (Hand cut wands/ size will be slightly different.) 

Sage Spray: 3oz

7 Chakras Set. (4pc)