The 12oz Sage Spray, White Sage Citrus, Palo Santo and Cedar and Sage 



 White Sage and Citrus

White Sage is known for ceremonial smudging purposes, Burning white sage tends to have a strong scent, while my homemade white sage spray has a lovely earthy crisp citrus scent, 100% organic and natural ingredients only, essential oils and Pink Himalayan salt. The White Sage and Citrus Spray is included in all of my Sage kits


Palo Santo 

The sweet notes of pine, mint and lemon of my all natural Palo santo spray makes this spray perfect for cleansing purposes as well as incense,odor removing purposes Palo Santo and Sage essential oil added.100% organic and natural ingredients only, essential oils and pink Himalayan salt.


Sage and Cedar

The sweet woody scent of cedar mixed with the sweet crisp light scent clary sage, White Sage  all mixed together for one long lasting lovely scent, This scent is less of the Citrus Scent for those who would prefer the sweet crisp woody scent of the cedar with the Sage, which much like the White Sage Citrus, Cedar and Sage is perfect for smudging purposes as well as odor removing/ Incense spray. 100% organic and natural ingredients only, essential oils and pink Himalayan salt.


The Images above are actual photos of the 12oz Sage Spray, 12oz Glass Amber tinted bottle. 


Instructions  on how to use the sage

The kits and sprays include the instructions, however, I do have the instructions on a saved PDF form, If you prefer paperless OR simply prefer to save the documents, which can be sent out by request by those who order.



12oz Sage Spray (Cleansing/ Smudging)

  • White Sage 

    Common Sage

    Clary Sage 

    Water - Pure spring water 

    Essential Oils 

    Sage, Rose, Lemon, Citrus, Palo Santo 

    Alcohol to preserve the sage/palo Santo, cedar and scent / Pure Grain

    100% Natural Pink Himalayan Salt 

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