One of the most important aspects of palmistry is choosing which palm you want to have read,  1. If your right hand is dominant, this is your current state (current self/ becoming) 2.. Your left hand is “your potential” / What could have happened.  Vice versa is your dominate hand is your left hand. With my full detailed readings, i always prefer doing both though by choice you can pick left or right. I usually begin by reading the person's dominant hand (which is sometimes considered to represent the conscious mind, whereas the other hand is subconscious). In some traditions of palmistry, the other hand is believed to carry hereditary or family traits, or, depending on the palmist's cosmological beliefs, to convey information about "past-life" or "karmic" conditions. My personal technique is by using the major lines such as the heart, life, head, sun, mercury, Marriage and fate. i also include hand size and shape, fingers such as JU, SA, AP, MU (shapes and lines) By doing so, i give the most detailed and accurate reading possible.  



Palmistry Readings 

The hand is divided into two main categories: the palm and the fingers. This full detailed palm reading covers the life line, the headline, the heart line, the fate line. I will also cover the mounts in combination with the lines of palmistry and the fingers. the Ju – Jupiter or index finger, Sa – Saturn or middle finger, Ap – Apollo or ring finger, Me – Mercury or little finger, The thumb.Each reading will come with your photos, each line/ mount in detail concerning your question/ to your palm reading

  . After your reading is purchased, please fill out the questionnaire form on the "PALMISTRY" page, with your name, birthdate and question. The question has no limit so feel free to be as detailed as you prefer with both the Palmistry and Tarot readings. 




Detailed Palmistry Reading

Detailed Palmistry Reading


For your personal detailed palm reading, after purchasing, please send me your name, email, questions and the choice of  your right palm or your left palm (this is very important because the left hand stands for your potential self while the right hand stands for your current self ). After receiving your email, I will need you to send me a scanned copy of the palm of choice or photos of each palm,  Please send your scanned copy/photos back to me within 48 hours , all of my palmistry readings are submitted back within 72 hours and of course if you have any questions or concerns you can contact me anytime by following  the "contact me" link.  Thank you ! -Psychic Jane 

Question form

You need an ink pad if you prefer not to send just photos (recommended for the best scans). I had someone use lipstick and scanned that, it works though it's not as dark as i prefer even on black and white scans.  I went to a local hobby lobby and found an entire aisle of all ink pads,sponges and rollers. The one i bought was labled as "waterproof" though it washed off instantly.  Here's what i used:


*Note* for Photos Make sure each photo is clear.

For the quickest and easiest palm reading experience, you can email the scanned copies or photos of your palms directly to my personal email after you purchase the reading. Please include your name and email used on your submission form (above) Thank you ! Email:

Example reading 

Just click on the image below to view one of my sample readings.  The Palmistry and Tarot card readings both include the photo scans, a break down of each line and the tarot spread includes the layout spread with each card in detail. ( All readings are sent on a PDF directly to your email)

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The Lovers Tarot  (Love interests)

The Lovers Tarot (Love interests)

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